Weekday Deals

Tuesday - Thursday

Dine In: Get a 30% discount on your food entire food bill.

Delivery: Free delivery on all orders over £25.

How do I book?

We have tried to make the booking process as easy as possible, however, as a small business, we have to take the necessary steps to ensure cancellations are kept to a minimum. This is for both us, and the customers who might miss out because of it.

Please read The Process carefully.

- You must first e-mail, call, or message us and book your table for an available time. 


- Once confirmed you will have to go on to the website and place the order for your entire party, much like you would when ordering for takeaway. Make sure to include starters, main and desserts. You do not need to order drinks. 

​- When placing your order for dining in, you will have to choose "PICK UP" and set the agreed time discussed. We ask that you please use the same name and contact details as you have when you've made your booking so that we can match them.

(On the mobile version, selecting a date and time can be found by clicking on the basket in the bottom left corner and scrolling down when on the calendar screen)


- Once you have reached the checkout, you will have to enter the discount code WDINE30, then proceed to pay for your entire food bill. This payment will act as a non-refundable deposit for your table at the value of £10 per person should you not attend, and the remaining balance would be refunded.

98 Railway Road, Greater Manchester, Leigh, WN7 4AN | Tel: 01942571812